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SydThe Macaw you see is Syd. Syd loves Ozzie’s Turkey Jerky and Chicken Liver Pumpkin Bites! When Syd sees Ozzie, Sookie and us on our walks, he demands some of Ozzie’s stash. Syd was the favorite companion of a Pirate in his former life.

Cats can be dangerous when Ozzie’s Turkey Jerky is denied to them. We are not responsible for any acting up by hungry cats if they aren’t fed Ozzie’s treats in a timely manner.

The reason Annette had to start making enough Ozzie’s Naturals to sell is all of Ozzie’s friends kept filching his daily supply.

We donate FREE SAMPLES of OZZIE’S NATURALS to qualified Retailers, Trainers and Natural Food Stores. Call us: (520) 325-4114 or Email us to receive your sample pack.

Owner TestedOwner Tested – The fresh, hormone/steroid-free, natural chicken livers used in Ozzie’s Chicken Liver Pumpkin Bites make the best fried chicken livers for humans, ever! Ozzie’s 100% all natural turkey thighs are great people food, slowly smoked on our water smoker.